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Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger: Jessica Cohen of
Jessica Cohen's days are spent as a writer, strategist, and all-around obstacle hurdler. Prior to spending her time as a blogger and social media strategist, she spent 14 fabulous years in traditional media research and strategy for several major consumer magazines. By night she drives a shuttle (which coincidentally looks a lot like her SUV), taking kids from karate to soccer to hockey, and back
Why Drunk Drivers In Thailand May Soon Find Themselves Working In the Morgue
In an effort to combat road fatalities, authorities in Thailand are considering enforcing a somewhat unusual punishment on drunk
Why One Teen Refused To Calculate Her BMI For a School Assignment
One teen from Indiana refused to chart her BMI as part of an assignment from her teacher, taking a stand saying the practice is
Would You Want To Know? Food Labels Tell How Much Exercise Must Be Done To Burn Calories
Though the U.S. hasn't shown much interest yet, the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK is pushing to get "activity equivalent" labels placed on products
In A First For the U.S., New Parents Can Take Time Off And Still Get Paid In Full
San Francisco recently approved a measure that will require businesses to pay parents in full for a 6 week parental