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SheSpeaks Blog Entries

Mom Kicked Out of Restaurant After Changing Her Baby's Diaper
She went to the bathroom and after realizing that the only surface to change her infant on would be the floor, she made the decision to make a quick change at her table with a changing pad down on the
I Don't Have Working Mom Guilt - And Neither Should You
Working mom guilt manifests itself in a number of different
Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Yolanda Shoshana of BadAss Bruja Blog
Yolanda Shoshana is a BadAss Bruja (Witch), Clairvoyant, and Author that is an expert in love, sex, and magick. Her clients around the world range from celebrities to stay at home moms. Tune into Yolanda Shoshana Radio for her upcoming new show "BF with the DF" to become best friends with your divine feminine. Get up close and magickal with her on Bruja's
Robin Williams' Death and Why News Media Often Ignore a Family's Plea For Privacy
After Robin Williams' shocking death, his wife made a statement asking media to respect the family's privacy. So why are news agencies offering live aerial coverage of the family
Nine West's "Starter Husband" Shoe, Are These Ads Funny or Offensive?
Women react to Nine West's new ad campaign featuring shoes for different occasions, like hunting for a "starter husband" or the "anticipatory walk of