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Demi Lovato Talks Recovery and Compares Four Years of Dresses From the VMA Red Carpet
Singer Demi Lovato has an interesting take on her past outfits and how it relates to her own personal recovery from eating disorders and drug
A Manicure That Can Save You From Sexual Assault
Engineering students develop a nail polish that can detect the presence of the date rape drug in a
Will the New Burger Bot Replace Fast Food Workers?
The debut of a new robot that can cook custom burgers more efficiently than humans has many questioning the future of fast food line
Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Staci Gerardi of
Staci has always been a writer. She didn't realize it until her third grade teacher, Miss Plate, saw her gift for storytelling. Although she always worked on her writing, she ended up in a completely different career while in "Corporate
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Are you on a quest for perfectly straight hair? Enter the Aveda Naturally Straight Giveaway! Eight winners will receive an Aveda Gift Set so you can try Smooth Infusion? Naturally Straight, as well as more products from the Smooth Infusion?