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SheSpeaks Blog Entries

Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Nancy Friedman of Kidzvuz and From Hip To Housewife
Nancy Friedman is the co-founder of KidzVuz LLC, a tween entertainment and marketing company dedicated to letting kids have their say in a safe, online space. Prior to co-founding KidzVuz, Nancy spent nearly two decades as a freelance television writer and producer, creating marketing, promotional and branding material for clients as diverse as Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, HBO, Lifetime Television, WCBS and ESPN Classic, where her work won her two Pro-Max/BDA
Women With 'Sexy' Facebook Pics Thought of as Incompetent
A new study suggests women who post revealing pics on social media sites are more likely to be judged as unattractive and less able to perform
Millennials and the Dreaded Voicemail Anxiety
The 35's and under are notorious for communicating via text message and seem to get all tongue-tied when it comes time to actually carry on a phone conversation or leave a message after the
New Implantable Weight Loss Device is Up For Approval
How the implant works - is it delivers electronic signals to the trunks of the vagus nerve, this is a cranial nerve that plays a big part in telling us when we are
Summer Camp's 'No Body Talk' Rule is a Boost to Teen's Confidence
A summer camp has instituted a "no body talk" rule forbidding both counselors and campers to discuss appearances whether it be a negative or positive