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SheSpeaks Blog Entries

Why the Short Wedding Dress is More Popular Than Ever
Shorter dresses are becoming very popular among brides who want to feel and look their best on the big
Spotlight on SheSpeaks Blogger - Jill Berry of Musings From Me
Meet Jill Berry, a blogger who seizes family time whenever she can. With three kids in a myriad of sports, activities, and school clubs, and a school administrator husband who works long hours, it?s a challenge. But Jill is up for that
The Scooter Trend Means More Kids Visit the ER With Serious Injuries
Toy-related injuries have spiked over the last several years with a new study suggesting the scooter is to blame for the
How Can We Get Our Kids To Eat Their Veggies At School?
A new study finds most kids are not eating their veggies at school, but researchers also found that changes to their environment can increase the likelihood that they will eat
Teacher Takes Flack After Students Complain She's Breastfeeding in the Classroom
Some students of the unnamed teacher find her actions to be both unprofessional and distracting while other pupils in the class say they don't have a problem with it and don't know what the big deal