Peter Jeun Ho Tsang is a Menswear Designer and co-founder of The Dandy Lab, an Interactive Lifestyle Emporium, where fashion collides with technology.
Emily Brooke is founder and CEO of Blaze, creating the ultimate products for urban cyclists.
Will Young is co-founder and CEO of rais, a marketing technology company that harnesses customer data and uses powerful analytics to intelligently profile each customer.
Alex Rizos is a digital communications expert based in Paris. He is the founder of menswear blog and marketing consultancy Le club des douze.
Diana Lee is the Head of Digital Strategy & Communications at Clotho London, a chic clothes-swapping business.
Mandeep Singh is co-founder and CEO of StreetHub, the mobile marketplace for independent boutiques.
Grant Cleveland is founder and Director of Breakthemold, bringing together the fragmented design, manufacturing and retail industries into an end-to-end value chain.
Nicola Fry is a Industry Manager at Google working alongside fashion and luxury retailers in shaping their digital strategy encompassing both branding and performance marketing.
Dave O'Meara is co-founder at Photospire, the platform that automates the generation of personalised video content for retailers.