Kit Hickey is the co-founder of Ministry of Supply, a menswear brand which creates technically advanced professional clothing.
Nicole Aguirre is the CEO of Worn, a NYC agencywhich provides creative services to women-owned companies and products targeted to women in the tech, food and retail industries.
Kelsey Silver is co-founder of Eventurously and co-host of Social Retail Summit #10.
Amanda Drewek is co-founder of Eventurously and co-host of Social Retail Summit #10.
Frank Spadafora is the founder and CEO of D'Marie Group, a fashion analytics and casting company.
Melissa Fudor is manager Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Domino Magazine, bringing content, community and commerce together for a truly integrated consumer experience.
Edward Chang is the founder of Wellington & Cromwell, an adventure travel lifestyle brand.
Evelyn Frison co-founded Pivotte, a line of updated classics, created in advanced fabrics for for women on-the-go.
Jace Lipstein is the founder of Grungy Gentleman, a lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines design, digital media and commerce with the services of a creative agency.
Leslie Fong is the Merchandising Manager of Threadflip, a savvy and seamless service for buying and selling used women's fashion.
Manuel Guardiola is the cofounder of ManuelRacim, an omnichannel brand for French-made custom shirts.
Derek Tian is the co-founder of Black Lapel, a brand that pairs custom clothing with expert content to give men everywhere a one-of-a-kind tailored guidance to dress, feel and become better.
Jodi Susman manages the digital strategy and marketing for Catrinka, an ethical fashion accessory brand dedicated to investing in women and girls.
Anjelika Kour is the founder and CEO of Brick & Portal, a global e-commerce aggregator of apparel, accessories and beauty products catering to the influencer and creative communities.
Sandy Saccullo is founder of OneClique, online destination for the revolutionary high heel collection of Shoe Separates.
Mark Zurada is the founder and CEO of Shopography, a social shopping network powered by artificial intelligence.
David Bolotsky is the founder and CEO of UncommonGoods, offering creative products from independent artists and designers at affordable prices, with a focus on sustainability.
Michael Kim is Director of Customer Experience (CX) at Casper, the 'Warby Parker of mattresses', delivering your mattress in a box.